Team building

Events that inspire team spirit

When individuals begin to see themselves as part of something larger, unexpected powers can be released. It is this "team spirit" that unleashes untapped potential and makes the impossible possible. Inspired by shared visions, new realities can be created and challenging obstacles overcome.

When forming something into shape, the right stimulus is needed from the outside to turn individualists into a powerful team. This is exactly where the team-building measures of the Hotel Alpenblick come into play. Individually coordinated team-building events provide new impulses and offer exciting challenges that can only be overcome together as a team. With our wealth of experience and our cooperation partners, we will draft a unique fringe programme that brings teams together and creates the big picture.

‚‚Walking, moving, climbing a mountain and descending again – that is a parallel to life. Seen in this way, the mountain has a great symbolic power and significance.‘‘ Peter Habeler

Just the right Team Challenge

A variety of team events offer the right challenge for your team. We would be happy to advise you in detail and organise a unique fringe programme according to your individual wishes.

Resilience and Team Building – your Team Seminar with a lasting Effect

Do you wonder what resilience and team building have to do with each other? You will be delighted about the perfect combination of comprehensive health promotion and optimal team development. New strength and motivation for your team that has a lasting effect.

White Water Rafting - pure Adrenaline

Adventurous water rats get their money's worth with white water rafting. The wild water is tamed by the entire team - yet nobody stays dry.

Raft Building- heading for new Shores

The proven classic among team-building measures. Creativity, time management, improvisation in combination with a well-planned distribution of roles are required.

Flying Fox - only flying is better

Experience a rapid descent with your team, during which you are attached to a rope slide and whizz from tree to tree over the gorge, covering a distance of 80 metres.

Canyoning – the wet Pleasure

Team spirit and courage are required when canyoning through wild waterfalls and narrow gorges. Experienced guides make sure that nobody is floundering in the shallows.