About the conference hotel

Conference hotel to feel good

Hotel Alpenblick was able to defend its leading position amongst the best conference hotels of Germany. It was being elected the fourth year in a row to be under the three best of 15.000 voting hotels.
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The focus is on people

At Hotel Alpenblick our guests are our priority. Besides the amenities, the furnishings and the service of a three-star superior hotel you will find refreshment for mind, body and soul. At our Hotel people experience an atmosphere of welcome and hospitality. Whether dealing with customers, guests, service providers and suppliers or with our employees, we comply with the principles of fairness, transparency and honesty.

A member of the Kolping Group

Since 1982,Hotel Alpenblick upholds the Christian-social commitment of Kolping in the diocese of Augsburg.
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A person needs a home, even if he is not at home

This is the guiding principle for all activities of the travel agency Kolping Tours in Augsburg, the KurOase in the monastery (im Kloster) in Bad Wörishofen, the Hotel Alpenblick in Ohlstadt in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, at the conference Hotel Reimlingen and the Spa and Family Resort in Alsopahok, Hungary.

Kolping - a name to live up to

Whether as a tourist agency, holiday, spa, or family resort - Adolph Kolping’s legacy is our guiding principle and mission for all our establishments. We combine this legacy with the goal of running a good business. However commercial success is not an end in itself. It serves as a tool in setting our direction.

In their variety and their diversity they are serving the same purpose:

  • to offer people a temporary home, peaceful und safe
  • to be a meeting place and a place for education
  • to make faith and religion tangible
  • recreation for body, mind and soul

Our partners

Moderation and technical conference equipment

Neuland conference materials

Out-door events

Blue Land / Experience Nature
Hydroalpin - The mountain guides

Hotels and Travel

Spa and Family Resort Absopahok
Conference hotel Reimlingen


Natürlich-Tagen - SeminarZentrum Rückersbach

SeminarZentrum Rückersbach
Kolpingstraße 1
63867 Johannesberg
Phone +49 6029 9718-0



Kolping-Hotel Schweinfurt

Kolping-Hotel Schweinfurt
Moritz-Fischer-Straße 3
97421 Schweinfurt
Phone: +49 9721 78830


Job vacancies

Start your career with us in one of our hotels and other Kolping facilities in the diocese of Augsburg.

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