Freshness Kick for your Health

Energising health modules for your conference

We cooperate closely with the Kolping Akademie and are able to offer a wide range of health-promoting modules and other seminar modules for your conference. Based on a carefully planned programme, the health academy sets new and creative accents in workplace health promotion. The focus of this programme is on people and their individual working and living conditions. Based on the Kneipp philosophy, it embraces the employees’ real life and is geared towards achieving a lasting change of attitude and behaviour.

Freshness Kicks

Take time out
Kneipp espresso Refreshing arm bath
Barefoot in the grass The ultimate energy kick for the day

Specials for the Evening

Ideal for winding down
Fascinating fire A magical place
Under the stars Enjoy the night together
Sound relaxation The special concert experience

Indulgence Treatments

The art of enjoying
Beer tasting Enjoyment granted
Massage treatments Pamper yourself

Your balancing Seminar

Balance your body, mind and soul
Fascination inner peace More tranquillity
More serenity Trust in god

Time out - with that special Something!

The perfect icing on the cake to boost motivation
Forest bathing Healing effects
Open-air soundness The sound walk
My home Entertaining and contemplative Insights about Ohlstadt

For a healthy Body and Soul

The perfect icing on the cake for recharging
Strong immune system Discover Kneipp with all your senses!
Herbal cocktails Feel good
Herb walks with a difference Feel and taste the freshness of the mountain world

Refreshing Breaks

The perfect balancing finish
BackFit Small exercises – big effect
Qi Gong Moving relaxation
The 5 elements according to Sebastian Kneipp - newly interpreted in the Hotel Alpenblick

Sebastian Kneipp's life philosophy and his five health-promoting pillars are the focus of our health arrangements. Hotel Alpenblick's special health promotion offers are based on the Kneipp philosophy and interpret Kneipp's health knowledge in a novel, modern way. Consisting of the elements of healthy nutrition, exercise, water treatments, medicinal herbs and inner balance, the newly interpreted Kneipp principles aim to bring about a lasting change in the behaviour of employees.

‚‚Those who strive to seek their own happiness will also be happy to help others to do so.‘‘ Sebastian Kneipp