The team of the Hotel Alpenblick

Lived hospitality

We are exceptionally proud of the enthusiasm and dedication of our employees. The team strives with much dedication and great joy to create flexible solutions to not only fulfill but also exceed the individual expectations of our guests time and time again. The majority of our staff has joined the team of the Hotel Alpenblick multiple years ago, some even decades ago. Thanks to the authentic hospitality and the active commitment of each team member, we can provide our guests with a unique feel-good atmosphere that makes our conference hotel so special. 

Creating memorable experiences for our guests is what motivates us

The happiness and satisfaction of our guests lies at the heart of our thinking. We have only reached our ambitious goal, when our guests are not only content but wholeheartedly and fully satisfied. The requirements of our conference guests animate us every single day to peak performance. Thanks to our commitment, we win and maintain the trust of our customers, which include globally active Bavarian companies. 

Focusing on the future

It is of great concern to us to pass on our extraordinary commitment and our passion as hosts to the younger generation. This is why we train our specialists and managers ourselves and encourage our apprentices to actively incorporate their ideas in our hotel.

The Hotel Alpenblick is our common lifetime achievement.